Sunday, September 19, 2010

- Love will find it's way ♥

Why am I still stuck on you when you don't even want me back?
Why can't I move on and just bring my life on track?
Oh, you're still all I ever think about,
the empty spaces in my heart are only for you to grout.
And no other guy will catch my heart the way you did,
because you've been all I want right from the start - totally splendid;
And they say, why can't you move on and give love another try? 
Just let those feelings go, it's time for a goodbye.
And in my mind I know I'll be fine,
but something else is going on inside this heart of mine..

It doesn't want me to let you go,
it won't stop me from letting the feelings grow..
and my heart wants that hope to stay;
it says this wait will pay off someday..
when love will find it's way.

What it says makes me smile and rewind,
but then what you said comes back to my mind..
it breaks my heart into pieces again,
I cry while walking down the memory lane.

Why can't you love me back and give us a try?
alone we can only walk away but together we can fly;
Just give me one chance to show what my heart thinks is true,
that I am everything you ever wanted, that I am the only one for you. 

Because I am not getting over you
and I don't care what they have to say,
I am always gonna wait for you,
and my love is here to stay;
because my heart it says that someday,
my hope will pay... and love will find it's way.

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