Monday, August 6, 2012

Hoping for tomorrow.

I see your face, I drift away, 
In the sea of thoughts, I glance at a tomorrow;

The tomorrow where I have a chance to be with you. 

I hear the words you've never said, 
At a place where we've never even been..
We do the things we've never done, 
In the tomorrow, that is still unseen. 
A distant world it seems, 
like a translucent daydream.
I try to hold onto the view, 
Like a child trying to catch a dew, 
And as my heart knits the story,
I close my eyes.. 
I try to capture the glory - 
Of a  sight that has me mesmerised.

"Hello", you say,
The thoughts almost slip away, 
I clinch my eyes to make them stay, 
But they run down just like the sand,
Bringing me to reality from that unfamiliar, distant land.
I smile at you, while my heart frowns at today,
Where you and I do exist, just not together. 
And as you talk to me, I yearn to foresee, 
the faraway tomorrow, that might never really be. 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

That Stranger in the Night.

There I was, standing at a corner in an awkward way, checking my watch every two minutes. That's how bored I was. That's how much I hated parties. I stood there daydreaming of being curled up on a couch, watching my favorite sitcom or just reading a good book. And Coffee. Oh how I'd do anything to get out of there!
I looked around the room, scanning each and every individual present there, meanwhile yawning. My face had less expression than that of a brick while one of my feet tapped to the beat of the superfluous 'music' in the room. Just then, a guy caught my attention, almost catching hold of my heart. He stood further away from me, towards the end of the room, gazing at his cell phone screen as if he'd be shot if he'd have looked anywhere else. He wasn't even typing - just staring at it. I took a sip from the dreadful mocktail I was having and kept looking at him. It felt good to have somebody in the room who seemed equally as awkward. Okay, he was attractive. Most guys in suits are, but there was something about him, I thought, even though he wasn't quite that visible from the distance. I continued to stare, finding him to be quite fascinating and also because I had nothing better to do. I walked towards him to have a closer look. He looked around with squinted eyes, as if searching for somebody. I continued to stare at him, now subconsciously, and I didn't even realize when his gaze met mine. My heart flipped, there was a tummy tornado and I was not even breathing. He looked at me for 8.2 seconds straight and I didn't even know why I counted. 
It was one of those indescribable moments of eye contact, that was immediately over-analyzed and inevitably misread. I quickly looked away and shifted my gaze to my friend, because of whom I had ended up there. She seemed to be having a great time, dancing. I looked back to where the guy was standing, almost in a reflex and he had already been staring. But this time, I didn't look away.

I don't know how long we stood there like that, with our eyes rested upon each other, it couldn't have been for more than five minutes. But in those five minutes and without having to utter any words, we had the kind of conversation many people don't have in a lifetime. Suddenly, that party didn't seem to be boring at all.

My friend then yelled and waved at me, "HEEEEEYYYY!" shattering the silence we had managed to bridge up in that noisy place. I looked at her and gave a hasty smile, quickly turning away.

Within a blink, he was gone.

"When I saw you, I fell in love and you smiled because you knew." - William Shakespeare.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

That Moment.

It was a night so dreamy, so surreal, 
As they looked at each other and smiled,
Both so close, so shy,
A hint of fear had enveloped them, meanwhile.
A thousand miles had seemed like nothing,
For to kiss him, to hold him, to see him smile, she had come,
Happiness at its utmost, in that moment, almost,
It was a love more certain than the rising sun.

The beauty of the moment, so mesmerizing,
Had suddenly let the mysteries unravel,
The growing desires, as their fingers touched,
Had suddenly let all of the fears dishevel.
A kiss so soft, an embrace so warm,
Under the shelter of the velvet night sky,
The love growing stronger with them growing fonder,
With each passing minute, no words would ever deny. 

The world had never seemed so beautiful,
The sky so vast, the stars, the endless sea,
With him beside her, her head on his shoulder,
There wasn't another place she'd rather be.
And all was silent on that night,
Except for the waves crashing, the sound of them breathing. 
As he looked into her eyes and she into his, 
It seemed as if the world had stopped moving,
And a lifetime was lived right then - in the moment, in that sight.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Bittersweet Heartbreak.

There comes a time in your life when you think you have finally found the one. No, not when you're Ted Mosby though, then there's more than just one time you think that way. You finally begin to relate them to the silhouette of The One that you had in your dreams all this time and it all seems to make sense. You fall madly in love with them, with the fact that you have finally found who were looking for and of course, the situation. You are so overwhelmed with the happenings around you that you begin to lose yourself. Your brain seems to have been clogged by such surreal thoughts, you don't even question their existence. You are so lured by the perfectness of the moment that you get carried away in your assumptions. You begin to expect more from life and from that person. But once these expectations turn into disappointments, you sit there wondering what went wrong. 
This isn't how its supposed to be, you tell yourself. And when you realize that the person doesn't feel the same way for you, you KNOW this is just wrong. And it's just a bitter bitter heartbreak. 

Then out of nowhere, someone you had always known, comes as a savior, to make things better for you. That person has been in your life throughout but somehow went unnoticed until then. Day after day, you have beautiful conversations and  you cannot believe how similar you really are. You think similarly and at the same time, you both even complete each other's sentences. And yet, in spite of all of it being so surreal, you don't understand. Slightly later, things happen, as if by their own, beautifully knitting themselves to make the best moments of your life. You feel like you have no control over yourself or the situation and you are so surprised by all of it, that you don't even realize, that that person makes you laugh like nobody else and heals your hurting heart everyday. And when one day, at the most random moment, you notice them differently, you look back at those moments you had with them and you begin to realize what you had always known. You begin to wonder why you didn't notice them the way you do now. How someone, who is so perfect for you, could go unnoticed all this while. And then as you close your eyes and think of The One from your dreams, it's no more just a silhouette but a face - the face, you had always known, of this person from your reality. You finally know why it didn't work out with anybody else and you finally experience what you thought was only cliched, you live through those magical moments. As for the heartbreak you had a while ago, seems more like a bittersweet experience now. 

When you meet the right person, you don't really have to make attempts to impress them or have to think of ways to make them fall for you. When the time is right, the person walks into your life and the rest that happens is simply effortless and you both just fit together perfectly.

Everything happens for a reason. Relationships have a way of failing when they are not right. The wrong ones who you end up liking, have a way of leaving after a while, only to make way for the right person to come along under the right circumstances and at the right time; to make all your bitter heartbreaks turn sweet. They come into your life because they were meant to. They take care of you like no one ever has and love you more than anyone else in the world and you know they will save your heart from breaking, ever again.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Keeping Secrets.

I see it in your eyes,
Every time you look at me,
I hope you realize,
It's not that hard to see.

You see me catching my breath,
Every time you hold my gaze,
We know what lies underneath,
We know what has set us ablaze.

Sitting by so close,
We don't utter too many words,
As we fret to disclose,
What the silence has already spoken of.

I begin with my stories,
I then tell you of my plans,
I share with you all my worries,
As I think of you as my man.

You tell me your dreams, 
And your eyes meet mine,
The time pauses, it seems,
As our hearts intertwine. 

In this moonlit night,
There isn't much to say,
In this moment we're infinite,
We are flying away.

This moment is so beautiful,
though in a moment it will flee,
I try to capture it in words,
but it is indescribable to me.

As the time flies by,
Its time for us to leave,
You embrace me,
And give me more to believe.

We are meant to be,
No one will ever deny,
If we think this isn't love,
We'd probably lie.

We say the goodbyes,
Our hearts say so much more,
Words unspoken have said,
Everything we'd asked for.

When thoughts keep you company.

There are so many reasons why you think. In thoughts, you can travel to the past, to the most cherished memories that you've stored in your heart. You can be with someone, who is no more a part of your life. Or you can just travel ahead to a desired tomorrow and build up a something that you so badly crave for. 
Your thoughts are a temporary getaway from reality. They make you dream.
And thinking about a certain someone you love so much, makes you realize that person's worth in your life.
There's more to love than just claiming that person as yours. When you have deeply rooted feelings for someone, you find yourself being happy with the smallest of the things, like when you randomly have a dream about him, when he wishes you a good morning, calls up first to wish you on your birthday or when unwell, he keeps calling to check on you. Even a 'Hello' here and there, everyday, seems to relieve your heart. And even if he's away and you don't get to talk to him, you find yourself smiling, only thinking about him. 

I think about him quite often. It has become a part of my daily routine and also, it is one of my most favorite things to do. I think about the time we met, our conversations, his smile. I think of him when I miss him and at the most random times. When I am having a hard day, I suddenly get reminded of something that he had once said, and it helps.. even though he isn't really there. I hear a song and it takes me back to a certain moment I had with him, and I find myself being happy getting to relive it in a way. When I get lonely, his thoughts are always there to keep me company. 

I think about him every night and day, he's a habit that I just can't seem to get enough of. Everything he does or says is like magic to me, makes me smile right that moment. 
And all of it somehow makes me feel better, about myself, about us.
It helps me hold onto the hope, the hope of witnessing the tomorrow my thoughts have created, a memory that is yet to be lived.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Love, before the first sight.

Her part of the story:

Once upon a time, there was a girl who came across a boy on the internet. There was something about him, something quite different from the other boys she had known. They talked. And they talked more. He was turning out to be the kind of guy she had been wanting to know, all this time. They talked everyday. She started getting addicted to his voice. For once, she let him do the talking. She would just sit around, listening to the words coming out his mouth, smiling to herself. Closing her eyes every once in a while, she would try imagining him talking. It made her feel good. Gradually, they became good friends. Of course, she liked that. But there were days when she felt sad. Wondering why every time she could, she finally knew. He wasn't just a friend to her. She was falling for him. And suddenly, the vague face of the guy she wanted from her dreams seemed clearer. It was him. The guy she hadn't even met.

Days passed by, with them getting closer and closer and with her, falling harder and harder. 
She couldn't get herself into believing if at all it was possible, to fall in love with somebody she had barely physically met? 
But it indeed was - she herself was the example. And there was no stopping to it. 

She struggled everyday, as keeping her feelings to herself was getting tougher, day by day. She wanted to tell him about everything that had been going around in her head the whole time. She wanted to share with him the imaginary pictures that she had of them, together. She wanted to make him believe that he was the only guy she would ever want to marry. 

Every night, when she failed to do so, she wrote about every little thing that he did that made her feel happy. 
That helped her in keeping the hope that she had of them being together, ignited.

Months passed by and they still hadn't met. 
But she kept calm. She knew that it was all going slow for a reason. 

Finally, after four months of knowing each other, they decided to meet.
And they met.

The moment she first saw him, saw him for real - she knew right then - this was the guy she was going to be spending the rest of her life with. It sounds dreadfully cinematic but that's exactly how it was. 
When he held her hand for the first time, she wanted nothing more than to hold it forever. When he hugged her that first time, she didn't want to let go. 
And then, she watched him talk - in that amazing voice she had been hearing over the phone all this time. Funny how he turned out to be exactly the way she had pictured. Every now and then, their hands brushed against each others, making her heart skip beats. And just when she would try composing herself, their eyes would meet, making her go all breathless at once. 
They talked away the evening and it was such a delight. It all seemed beautifully surreal.
This meeting was the exact mental picture she had built up in her head. Rather, it was even better because it was real. In the end when it was time to leave, he hugged her so many times, making that evening, all the more unforgettable and significant. 
And then they said goodbye. 

Walking down the road, she thought about that one moment when she almost told him about her feelings.
He wanted to know and she really wanted him to know. Half of her wondered while the other half was still mesmerized by the moments she had just lived. His fragrance lingered all around her. His touch still felt fresh on her skin. His words still echoed in her ears... 

This was it, she decided. If at all he had to know about the way she feels about him, it would be now.

Taking a deep breath and with shivering fingers, she opened up the notes on her phone and sent him everything that she had been writing about - since the first day they started talking 'til that meet, everything. 

And that's how she told him about the love she had for him, since the time he had said "hello", since the time he was just a picture in her head, long before they met, long before the first sight. 

(to be continued.)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Better Days.

Is there a place where I'd belong?
Without trying to fit in, without having to give in,
A place where the wrong -
Wouldn't exist, only the right would persist.
The mental games that humans play,
The anguish instilled with the words they say,
The hatred, the rage,
Wouldn't really be anywhere,
And so, no fear -
Could ever bring me down,
No restrictions and no bounds,
Could at all be found.
In that place, I wish I could be,
In that place, I'd be free.

Is there a place where love isn't just a word?
Where there are no lies, and there are no goodbyes,
A place where the boulevards,
are to be walked down by hearts unscarred.
The tears that people cry,
The agony with which they die,
The distress, the mournfulness,
Wouldn't really be anywhere,
And so, no hurt here,
Could ever bring me down,
No pain would be so profound,
and where laughter would be the only sound.
In that place, I wish I could be,
In that place, I wish I could see,
The same world in better ways, 
The same us, living better days. 

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