Monday, April 4, 2011

And he'll always be her favorite memory. ♥

They had been best friends for 7 years. The relationship that they had was enviable. Happy moments or sad, they had always been there for each other. They had been through a gamut of experiences together which had only brought them closer. They were always inseparable until he ended up being in a relationship and his girlfriend could not stand their friendship. Things were now falling apart. He tried a lot to get rid of her insecurity, but it didn't really work. Instead, it only worsened. Devastated as he was, he had to choose between love and friendship.

He couldn't help but replay all the memories of their friendship.. of all those conversations where they had promised they'd be friends forever. His heart dropped for a moment and tears rolled down his cheeks, but he knew there was nothing else that he could do. He loved his girlfriend and couldn't afford to lose her at any cost. 

"Its okay, I understand"
That's all she said when he told her about the decision he had forcibly taken.

Why didn't she say anything more? Didn't his going away bother her at all? Everything had come to an end and yet she didn't say a word. She couldn't even shed a single tear. Did he matter to her at all? She didn't even fight for their beautiful friendship. What was wrong with her? If only she'd say something.. anything..
He did not know what had been causing him more pain, having to say those words or her walking away saying nothing, without reacting at all.

If only he could read what had been going on in her mind while he said those beseeching words. If only he could see her falling apart underneath that stoic mask.

As soon as she got home that day, she had stormed into the washroom. She could hear her mum's voice trailing off behind but she didn't care to respond back. She locked herself in and stared at her reflection for a minute. She looked dreadful. Her eyes were swollen and red and her face looked pale. Her hair was all messed up but she didn't care enough to fix them. She wasn't really herself then.. and soon, those words started to echo from all around. "I'm sorry, we can't be friends anymore", he had said.
Those words had numbed her. She sensed something trickling down her cheek, she was crying. She cried silently while her insides were yearning to groan and scream as loud as they could. But she didn't really want to perturb her mum. So, she washed her face, fixed her hair and with a smile plasted on her face, took a deep sigh and unlocked the door.

But she was broken, not only for now but for the rest of her life. He hadn't just been her best friend, he had been her life. She loved him. Having him love someone else had already been hurtful enough and now she had to deal with both, a broken heart and a broken friendship. She would never see him again. She had lost him forever, her best friend, her everything. Now she could only hold onto the memories of them together. And ofcourse, she'd see him in her dreams.
She didn't know if she would ever get over him or would always live in the shadows of the past, but she knew that if she had let even a single tear fall, he would never go ahead with his decision. She knew it was already hard for him to take such a decision and she didn't want to trouble him any further. There were so many questions that she had in her mind, immeasurably so much more inside that could come out in words. But even though a part of her died with every word that he spoke, she kept quiet.
Because she wanted him happy.. because she loved him. And the latter, he'd never know of.

Because when you really love someone, you only wish the best for them. You want them happy even if it means you not being a part of their happiness. Maybe a part of loving is learning to let go. 

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