Monday, August 6, 2012

Hoping for tomorrow.

I see your face, I drift away, 
In the sea of thoughts, I glance at a tomorrow;

The tomorrow where I have a chance to be with you. 

I hear the words you've never said, 
At a place where we've never even been..
We do the things we've never done, 
In the tomorrow, that is still unseen. 
A distant world it seems, 
like a translucent daydream.
I try to hold onto the view, 
Like a child trying to catch a dew, 
And as my heart knits the story,
I close my eyes.. 
I try to capture the glory - 
Of a  sight that has me mesmerised.

"Hello", you say,
The thoughts almost slip away, 
I clinch my eyes to make them stay, 
But they run down just like the sand,
Bringing me to reality from that unfamiliar, distant land.
I smile at you, while my heart frowns at today,
Where you and I do exist, just not together. 
And as you talk to me, I yearn to foresee, 
the faraway tomorrow, that might never really be. 

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