Thursday, May 19, 2011

Things change, people leave & life never stops for anybody.

Funny how day by day nothing changes but when we look back, everything is different? Well, actually we are always undergoing the process of change. Our thoughts and beliefs change by the minute. But we are so blinded by the moment we're living in that we don't pay any attention to it. We blame it on the mood, on somebody's advise that we think might have influenced us for a while. But no, its in our nature, we change. So you think tomorrow won't be any different from today, but it is really. Everything is different. Our mood, the date, the time, even the air as we breathe isn't the same.. and even us, as we grow a little everyday. So a person appeals to you one moment but you don't feel the same way the next. Impressions change, opinions change. So you think you'll always mean as much to someone as you do now. But no. Priorities change, people change. They turn into everything they had once promised they'd never be. So much can happen in only a moment, you know. You might lose your most prized possession or the most special person in your life, just like that. And will your life ever be the same? No. The meaning of life will change. That's why promises cannot be kept, that's why they shouldn't even be made. 

There are certain things in life, however, that can never change. But ofcourse, they are rare. Very very rare and its tough distinguishing between them in this ever so changing world. But that doesn't mean we should give up on the idea of life. We are accustomed to deal with such changes. These infact, only help us grow as a person. We learn something everyday, with every little happening that we experience - consciously or not. We grow stronger with every hurt. We learn our lessons with every mistake made. We realize who the true friends are and how we should not trust easily. We come to know that everything that happens, happens for a reason. We learn to hold onto the people who will be the only stable things in our life when everything else changes. That's when we come to know that the word 'forever' is only an illusion that we crave for.. a dream, a really really distant dream. We realize that nothing lasts forever. That's when we are actually able to tell the difference between the things that change and that don't. And that's when we know, we've grown up. So when things change and friends leave, call it a lesson learned and move on. Because they left for a reason. Because sometimes, things fall apart so that better things can fall together. Ofcourse it hurts now, but hey, even feelings change

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