Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Savior.

Life isn't easy. Problems are a part of everyday. But its the not problems that make our lives difficult, its facing them that does.You cannot just face them alone. Being and then staying strong doesn't come naturally and everybody needs some kind of support - a hand to hold, a shoulder to cry upon, a comforting hug and a soul that can listen to you, in your times of need. Everybody has got that one person in their lives, who makes it easier for them to go on, who give them the strength to fight by just being around, all the time. When you know you can rely onto somebody, no matter how tough the situations are, you know you'll get through it, don't know how.. but someway, somehow. 

Its like that person becomes a getaway for you and you forget the entire world and its existence, when with them. You're released of all the difficulties and worries that you had been pondering over, the moment you see that one face. And you open up the book of your life to them, like they are only a part of you. Even when your world is falling apart, the thought of them brings down a calm upon you. Its just so wonderful to have somebody, whose hugs breathe into you a new hope, whose soothing words inflict in you the optimism to witness a better state of life.

This post here is to appreciate the presence of this one person in MY life who is of such help right now and I'm so sure he doesn't even know about it. He actually isn't even trying to get rid of my fears or making any such efforts to make it better, and yet there he is, being the angel that he is, the hope, who makes me look forward to a tomorrow. He's the ray of light that guides me through the array of darkness. He's the one soul I have such immense faith in, that no matter what, will never fade away. He is one person who makes me feel secure, who takes all my pain away and saves me from the rain, every single time. He's The Savior - MY Savior. And he's here to stay. :)

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