Friday, October 15, 2010

-October Night ♥

It's time for the fairytale to end,
cuz to you I was never really more than a friend,
and maybe that I'll never be,

so it's better to give up & to set myself free.
But who am I fooling, I only try acting clever,
deep inside I know I'm going to love you forever.
So here I am on an october night,
searching within for a ray of light..
I'm at a place I thought I'd never be, 
I'm living in a world that's about you and me,
Engrossed in the thoughts I'm envoloped in silence,
the only sound is of my heart shattering as it hits the ground in violence.

And I'm burning on a cold winter night,
I'm struggling to win this fight..
me versus me, my only witness is the dark,
for once I fail to figure whether to carry on or to disembark.
Cuz either way my heart will only break,
and tears will fall like the million snowflakes -
and as they cover the earth in white,
I'll pretend that everything is alright.
What lies within, no one will ever know,
until spring comes, the colours won't show.
And even though I'll say you're not everything I need,
my true feelings will still lie frozen underneath..
And like a helpless baby, I'll embrace the dark and weep,
but it will always be a secret that the night will keep.
Cuz you'll see me smiling again at dawn,
when I'll make it seem like I have moved on.

There will be a time when I'll brush away the dust,
and what lies at the core will reflect on the crust..
but then I'll turn around, walk away and try -
for you to not look into my eyes for they'd never lie.

And once again I'll feel tormented by the pain,
In the end my broken heart will only crave for you again..
I'll still be making wishes at 11:11 & on shooting stars,
My mind & heart will again be fighting wars.

And a perfect smiling doll I'll be in the sunlight,
but every night from now on will be this October night

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