Saturday, January 2, 2016

Books and Coffee

I love to read in a crowded place overlooking the concrete city in a stir, where I let the books swallow me in, one word at a time. The inane conversations I couldn't help overhearing minutes ago, are now a soft buzz in a distance that I can't seem to make sense of anymore. The city lights now in bokeh, seem to augment my already vivid imagination and just like that, I am floating across space, on my way to a reality that seems so much more real to me than the one I already belong to.

If you ever look for me in a crowded place, I will be the girl at a corner table with a forgotten cup of coffee and lost eyes. You will find me, but barely.


On my way to a place
I longed to reach,
I saw the world in reverse.
Trees passed by -
Tall trees in the woods;
Dark and mystical,
Leading lines
To the mountains
I was so close to reaching.
Tall trees,
Silhouettes in dusk
Leaning to whisper
In my ear
The tales spun
By frail footprints..
Like reminders
Of the almosts
In the twilight tint.
They passed by
One after the other,
Tall trees
That left me longing,
Only this time
For all that had been.


On a dotted map
Made of disarrayed stars,
I will try to find my way to you.

One night
Maybe you'll look up too,
And in that moment,
Our worlds will collide

For we will be separated
By distance
But still be
Under the same sky.


It all happened so fast,
I was in love before I could even realise.
One moment, he was just another person,
The next, he had me - heart and soul,
It was as if he had devoured me  whole

And I exploded like the sky
In a thunderstorm..

Suddenly, it wasn't drought anymore .

Resurrection 2.0

It may seem like I wrote nothing in 2015, like the entire year was a big writer's block but no. I wrote a lot, probably more than I had in the previous years. Just that I had been posting the writings on Instagram and had completely forgotten about the existence of this blog. However, with the new year and everything, I feel inspired to start writing here once again, for the 124 loyal followers I have and some other random readers. I have decided to post all my writings from last year here so expect A LOT of posts in bulk.

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P.S. Happy New Year! 

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