Friday, November 27, 2009

Followin` me everywhere that I go, My shadow ♥

In here.. I share with you all the precious most things in my life.
It's weird how I didn't mention the love of my life here.. The one I need to see every morning when I wake up.
The one who I need to hug all the time. The one who's eyes make me forget all my worries.
The one who's my drug. The best thing that ever came into my life. My world.
My everything. My jaan. My dog .. S i m b a   

I still remember the day when this cute fella first came into my life.
19th July, `08, Saturday.
9.05 a.m.
That was.. is & will always be one of the most memorable moments of my life.
I was asleep dreaming about some bla bla when I heard mom's excited voice.. "Shrutiiii ! Look what we've got here !!! WAKE UP !"
Yawning, I suddenly realised what it could be.
I rushed to the living room & catching my breath, the first thing I noticed was a dark brownish-black puff ball in my mom's arms. TheCutestThingEver  
I slowly took him into my arms.. & well, do I need mention? I was the happiest person alive then. It's just that I've always been crazy about dogs. And I always wanted to own one.
But as we live in an apartment, my dad wanted to avoid getting one. 
But my parents are like the best parents ever.. and they got me my first dog ! :D 
That day, all our neighbours kept dropping in, giving me all kinda advices on how to train him.. how to make him eat.. when to give him treats & all. But I didn't listen.
All I could see was him. All I could listen to was his cute lil puppy growls. Aawwh.
I loved seeing him run. Being a puff ball, he never mananged to cover the desired distance & ended up tripping over & over again.
a d o r a b l e.
After that day, I never felt alone. Coz I had him as a company. The best company ever!
I used to carry him everywhere that I went .. even to shopping centres & he surely left people in awe. I first named him Shadow .. but I dunno why mom didn't like that name much. Superficial reasons. And then I named him Fluffy. Yes. xD

So what happened next is that the vet arrived.
He gave him some vaccinations & medicines. I don't know what went wrong
but Simba seemed to be behaving weird then. He used to cough & shiver. 
That really scared me. I told mom & dad about it & they called the vet.
The next day, Simba didn't seem to move at all. His breathing was shallower & he seemed weak. We rushed him to the vet's clinic right away. After examining him for a while, the vet told us that he was suffering from Respiratory Pneumonia. :(
Yes. Crying was all I could do then. Just the sight of this lil` pup being so dangerously ill broke my heart. I wanted happy times with my first dog. Didn't wanna lose him THIS quick. :(
We tried everything we could to bring him back to his health. We took him to different vets.
I missed school so that I could just stay with Sim. I did all that was needed to make him better. Me, mom & dad went through sleepless nights. All these days, we had nothing else to think bout but him. And finally, after a few weeks, which seemed like years.. Simba started recovering. :) And in a few days, he was back to his form. And man.. weren't we glad!
That's when we noticed how profoundly he had actually grown!
Considering the fact that he had struggled through the worst phase of his life with so much bravery, we named him Simba ( the lion king? )

After this.. everything has been well & good. :)
I'm in love with him so deeply & truly. He keeps me so happy.
The most understanding & faithful dog ever he is !
My best friend. My first dog. 
I can never forget him.. or any of his cute activities.
He just means so much. 
He is a year & a half now. We even celebrated his b'day!
Afterall, he's a part of the family now :)
Ooh & i love the way he comes to wake me up, every morning.<33
Actually, I love everything he is & everything he does.
There are so many more incidents that I need mention but more later !

The golden sunshine in my life. Love you. <33

.. Continued.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The pages in my diary..

It seems as if my whole world revolves around you.
Anything that I now seem to be indulged in, anything - no matter what,
includes you.
Like today, I doodled around in my diary.. 
& here are a few pictures I'd like you to see. 

And I stand here alone, waiting for you.
Miss You So Much..

Watching the far away mountains.. 
I wonder how far you really are. 

Someday.. the wait will be over,
&& we'll finally meet.

And we'll be together forever..
S o m e d a y
S o m e h o w

Hope you like it. 

Copyright: Shruti Choudhary.

Friday, November 20, 2009


&& here I am, looking out the window.. 
waiting for you to come; 
Come to me ..& never let go  
(Please.. )

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Yet another discovery.

Everyday, it seems as if I learn new things. Bout my friends. Bout my family. Bout the world. Bout myself.
Like today, I came to know what makes me really happy is to see others happy. Like today morning,
I was having a text chat with some of my friends.. & I somehow managed to make them smile. It felt so good to know the fact that for once, they were smiling coz of me. (: I feel so happy inside. 
Coz the people I'm close to, are my life. Like I say, they are my reasons to smile.. && I can only smile when they are happy. & I can do anything to bring happiness to their lives. 

Yay. I'm so good.. :D 
I love myself even more now. :P

Anyway about Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahaani..
The movie looked fresh. I loved the pairing but the story wasn't all that so great.
Not like what I expected it to be. But but, I <3 Ranbir even more now!
Really waiting for Tum Mile now.. The promo looks good!

Oh & btw, I'm down with fever && cough ):
So i'm gonna go get some rest. 

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

High Expectations. Right or Wrong?

Sometimes. Just sometimes. I feel bad.
I don't know why. Love is everywhere around me. 

I see some happy couples && some breaking apart.
&& I sometimes come across one such a couple, who for once,
make me feel envious, you know? It's like the other day, I came across
a blog. Now, this guy had penned down all his feelings for the gal he loves.
It touched me. The way he had expressed && the emotions it had. It really did.
&& Then a thought struck. Have I ever been loved to such an extent? Do YOU 
love me this way? Am I as special as the gal, to you? 
You always say, " I love you a lot. I just don't show. " What does that mean?
I mean, come on, feelings won't be called feelings unless you let the other person know.
Until you make the other person feel what YOU feel. 
But but, it's just that, I've different desires. If you love me, I want you to do lil things everyday, 
that would assure me, that you really do love me. I want to feel special the way I sometimes make you feel.
Lil love notes, cute dedications.. that would bring out your feelings for me..When on phone, you can just say an " I love you " in between that would give me butterflies. That's all I want.
But, actually, it's a bit too much I expect from you, don't I? 
I mean, I can't change you && make you have all the qualities I ever wanted my dream guy to have, can I?
I can neither sit back && sob thinking that I mean nothing to you. Coz I know I mean a lot to you. You just don't know how to express, right? 
So here I am, making myself understand.. 
I should be happy with what I have. I shouldn't care about how much you love me. I should be happy enough
knowing that you love me atleast. I shouldn't care whether am your first or last. I should be happy that I atleast am a part of your present && that, at one point of time, I was everything to you. I shouldn't try changing you. Coz I fell for the person you are now && the person you've always been. I should trust you with all that I have. I should love you more than I can ever love anyone. Without expecting anything back in return..&& even if sometime in life, you leave me, I should just be happy with the fact that, I was loved by you in this life. I should. But I can't. Coz somewhere, my heart has got all these high expectations.. that says oneday, you'll make it smile && give it all the happiness it had been looking for. Yes, you can call me selfish. Coz when it comes to you, I can cross all limits. You just mean so much && I want to mean the same to you.
Tell me you love me && that i'm your necessity. && that you can't live without me. && that you miss me every moment when i'm not there. It's the lil things that matter the most. It's not that i'm unhappy with you. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me && that can ever happen. I JUST WANT TO FEEL SPECIAL TOO :| Can't you do that even? :(

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Phone Call.

On a winter night, we're on the phone ..
&& i drift away into a swirl of dreams & memories.
knowing that your presence is so close .
I rest in knowing I can feel you,
even through the phone .
Something tells me that everything happening
is all meant to happen;
we have no control over it, && it'll happen often.
Coz a feeling has enveloped us; && we're sealed in it forever .
Coz deep inside I know, this won't ever be over .
Coz it's all meant to be && the world wants you to see,
how much you really mean to me .
&& I know I mean so much to you too ,
In your eyes I can see that it's all so true .
While you tell me your stories , 
I try to figure out if you're really happy talking to me 
&& with the chirp in your voice & with the rhythm of your breath,
I know you really are .
And that moment is not so far - 
when we'll melt in each other's arms .
Coz I know I love you more than you'll ever know .
&& I know you love me too, you don't just show .
I smile a smile && you ask me why am I smiling ,
I change the topic saying ' nothing. ' But that actually means everything .
I just want you to understand what's going on inside me 
&& just then you say you know . 
I say ' what ? ' && you say ' nothing ' .
&& I smile again. & This time you smile back.
And deep inside we both know but don't know why we don't show.
I guess this is how it goes .
Both madly in love, both know. 
Wearing a mask called 'best friends', we are so much in love & will always be.
One thing that will last forever is *US
&& we continue with our silly long talks & stupid lil fights;
talk & talk with switched off lights.
Known to the feelings & still unknown.


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A feeling everybody craves for. I never knew what it was all about
until I came across you. I confess, I didn't fall for you at first && my 
feelings weren't that true in the beginning, but later, with time, with every
talk that we had && every word that you said.. Every breath that you took with
me && the way you looked into my eyes. The way you said my name.. I just knew it was 
safe in your mouth. Everything about you told me that you love me. And with every
moment that I lived with you, I came to know, how much in love I am. With *You*.
Everytime I was angry with you for silly reasons, I now notice that it had love behind it.
When you talked to other girls, I never knew why I felt so uneasy && so disturbed. But now I 
notice the hint of jealousy behind it. My best friend you were.. && I'd never thought I would 
fall in love with you. But it has happened. ANDIAMINLOVE. I can feel the most magical 
feeling in the world. I never knew love could happen this way. But now, I know.
I know, I have you. The best person I could ever have. I feel the kind of happiness I never used to feel.
I feel so good within, having you as my best friend && being in love with you at the very same time.
YOU. The reason for everything good happening to me. My life you are. && all these words I say,
from deeeeeeeeeeeeeep inside. I love you so much. I never thought I could ever love someone so much.
But now I know. Now I know that you are the one. My one && only. I want this to last.
I want to grow old with YOU. I want all my future memories with you. I want to be loved by you. 
Coz now.. I know.. that my whole life, is all about YOU. 

You are my best  boy friend

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Feel it. Mean it.

'' I remember how in love we used to be.
How nothing could stop us. Now I sit back && 
read those old quotes I used to write && tears 
fall down realising you're not the same && 
will never be. "

This is something that every teenage heart says, after being in 'love' with some person
&& later realising that that person wasn't really the oneLove? It's so not easy to find.. 
&& if you are in love, you don't instantly realise. You have a feeling but it takes a lot of time
to figure out what that feeling is all about. I've had experiences && with that I've learned so much.
I now get a deeper understanding of Love

I just want to give a message out.. that don't say 'i love you' or 'you're the best thing that has ever happened to me', until you really mean it. until these words come from the deep inside. I know,
when saying such words, you think you really mean every bit of it. You do, actually. But that's just for that moment && with time.. The effect.. the promise.. the real feeling attached to these words are gone. 
It hurts you know, when you see a person change right in front of your eyes. It hurts a lot. It's better to watch out rather than getting hurt later. So just be sure about your feelings before letting the other person know.. be humane enough. Coz it's the human nature. Change. People will change. Their feelings; thoughts; mentality; interests; desires. Everything will change && you can't help it. Change is the only thing that's unchangable. You can't stop it. Even you'll change you know. But if your feelings are true, they'll remain the same. Be true to yourself. 

&& when finally you know that the most magical thing has happened to you, never let it go. 
Hold on to it until you breathe your last breath && love that person with all that you have && make that person believe that you love them, every minute of the day. Every day of your life. 

Believe in *True love*. It does exist. 
Fall in it .. && don't come to such a situation that people need to tell you,
" He/She is just not that into you anymore. " Let it last. A lifetime. 

Live. Love. Laugh.

Monday, October 5, 2009

&& will the world really come to an end? Who cares!

First on the news channels. Then on the internet & now even the topic for a major motion picture.
The Doomsday, 21st December, 2012. When I first heard about it, the news wasn't really that big. & neither
were my desires & dreams. But later, it turned out that this can actually happen. You never know. When you can go on being
all optimistic & give out encouraging words like, 'Impossible is nothing' & 'Life is Unexpected', you can even believe this.

At first, this scared the hell out of me. I was scared because, I want to live my dreams.
I wanna live every moment I've dreamed of living. I wanna live my future. I wanna spend the rest of the life with my family,
friends & with the one I love. I want to marry & have kids. I want my own pet dogs. I want a cute lil house.
I want to go on a world tour. I want to be famous. I wanna grow old with the love of my life.  I want to do so much & so lil time. .

Life is so unpredictable & you don't know when yours will end. Everyday is a waste coz you take life for granted.
&& when you know its all gonna be over soon, you want back all that you had.. only to live it in a better way.
Right now, every morning is just another morning & it's gonna end with a night. But when you know, you don't have much time,
& that life is really short,  you realise that each day, each hour, each minute & each second needs to be lived.
There is so lil time to achieve. to dream. to smile. to cry. to fear. to try. to love. to give. to have fun. to jus live.
So don't think much & just value what has been given to you. Live each day like it's your last. Laugh on the jokes that were told yesterday.
Act being a rockstar even though you don't know how to sing. Smile through your tears. Let go off all your fears coz life is too short to be scared :]
Go bungee jumping. Travel the whole world. Watch horror flicks at midnight & scream your lungs out. Play loud music & dance the hell off- let the neighbours shout!
Never underestimate yourself & try every possible thing out. Fall in love & stay in love. Kiss & slow dance in the rain, without music.
Love your mom & dad coz they gifted you with life, anyway. Don't follow the rules. Do what your heart really wants. Don't follow trends, make your own style statements.
Be confident & the world will follow you blindly. Just be YOURSELF. Care for everybody coz life's too short to hate & to make enemies. Remember, LOVE is life. Just be crazy.
Play with your childhood toys. Make your life wonderful & live it the way you want to. Coz life's really what YOU make it. && in the end, don't regret. Live in such a manner
that in the end, all you have is a feeling of contentment & a big satisfied kinda smile on your face.

I've learnt my lesson. & now I wanna live each moment of my life. I don't really care if it lasts another 80 years or only 3. I wanna be happy & want to live my dreams
as long as I live. :]
I don't really know what's gonna happen in 2012. The world may come to an end or the 21st december might pass like any other day, without any thing being unnatural. All I now know
is, that too, will be an adventure for me. I mean, come on, how many people are lucky to enough to have as big an adventure like this? You only see it in movies.. why not live
something like that && die.. in a unique way? xD Everyone has to die someday, then why not this way? Live another 80 years of your life just in 3.
Just have fun. Keep dreaming & keep living.. until the end of time.  :]

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Yet another blog.

Why another blog ?
Because my previous blog is all bout the other world we live in.
[ ]
So I wanted to write bout the real world we live in too. Hence, the new blog.

I have no idea what am gonna write bout, in here.
but I'll try letting you all peek into my oh-so-complicated-and-exciting life. :]
Ooh yes. You're gonna love it. trust me!

So for everyone who's reading this,
don't just read my blog.
Try & become a part of it.
Comment. Follow.
That's an order. :| :D

Well. That's all.
The beginning begins! xD

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