Sunday, March 11, 2012

Love, before the first sight.

Her part of the story:

Once upon a time, there was a girl who came across a boy on the internet. There was something about him, something quite different from the other boys she had known. They talked. And they talked more. He was turning out to be the kind of guy she had been wanting to know, all this time. They talked everyday. She started getting addicted to his voice. For once, she let him do the talking. She would just sit around, listening to the words coming out his mouth, smiling to herself. Closing her eyes every once in a while, she would try imagining him talking. It made her feel good. Gradually, they became good friends. Of course, she liked that. But there were days when she felt sad. Wondering why every time she could, she finally knew. He wasn't just a friend to her. She was falling for him. And suddenly, the vague face of the guy she wanted from her dreams seemed clearer. It was him. The guy she hadn't even met.

Days passed by, with them getting closer and closer and with her, falling harder and harder. 
She couldn't get herself into believing if at all it was possible, to fall in love with somebody she had barely physically met? 
But it indeed was - she herself was the example. And there was no stopping to it. 

She struggled everyday, as keeping her feelings to herself was getting tougher, day by day. She wanted to tell him about everything that had been going around in her head the whole time. She wanted to share with him the imaginary pictures that she had of them, together. She wanted to make him believe that he was the only guy she would ever want to marry. 

Every night, when she failed to do so, she wrote about every little thing that he did that made her feel happy. 
That helped her in keeping the hope that she had of them being together, ignited.

Months passed by and they still hadn't met. 
But she kept calm. She knew that it was all going slow for a reason. 

Finally, after four months of knowing each other, they decided to meet.
And they met.

The moment she first saw him, saw him for real - she knew right then - this was the guy she was going to be spending the rest of her life with. It sounds dreadfully cinematic but that's exactly how it was. 
When he held her hand for the first time, she wanted nothing more than to hold it forever. When he hugged her that first time, she didn't want to let go. 
And then, she watched him talk - in that amazing voice she had been hearing over the phone all this time. Funny how he turned out to be exactly the way she had pictured. Every now and then, their hands brushed against each others, making her heart skip beats. And just when she would try composing herself, their eyes would meet, making her go all breathless at once. 
They talked away the evening and it was such a delight. It all seemed beautifully surreal.
This meeting was the exact mental picture she had built up in her head. Rather, it was even better because it was real. In the end when it was time to leave, he hugged her so many times, making that evening, all the more unforgettable and significant. 
And then they said goodbye. 

Walking down the road, she thought about that one moment when she almost told him about her feelings.
He wanted to know and she really wanted him to know. Half of her wondered while the other half was still mesmerized by the moments she had just lived. His fragrance lingered all around her. His touch still felt fresh on her skin. His words still echoed in her ears... 

This was it, she decided. If at all he had to know about the way she feels about him, it would be now.

Taking a deep breath and with shivering fingers, she opened up the notes on her phone and sent him everything that she had been writing about - since the first day they started talking 'til that meet, everything. 

And that's how she told him about the love she had for him, since the time he had said "hello", since the time he was just a picture in her head, long before they met, long before the first sight. 

(to be continued.)

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