Thursday, November 13, 2014

4 A.M.

Two cups of coffee, 
A typewriter, 
An array of thoughts, 
A sleepless night.


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Beneath the Stars

With our gleamy eyes soaked in happiness, 
With our hands together, as they belong, 
With you by my side, and I by yours, 
On a dainty old rug. 

The wintry breeze kissing our faces, 
The leaves of the nearby tree, rustling in awe, 
Of the magic being created out of nothing, 
As we lie beneath the stars. 

Our gazes fixed on the vast dotted sky,
We almost breathe as one,
A moment so tranquil, 
We forget all our qualms.

My body shakes with nerves as I look at you, 
I'm drawn to your perfection like a bee to a flower;
The night, now bitterly cold,
But I'm blanketed with your warmth.

trace your lips with my finger, 
Slowly as I close my eyes, 
I see love and all the feelings
That I already feel for you.

Birds flutter by out of nowhere,
Putting an end to the grandeur it was;
To whisper would be a sin,
For what if it flaws the brilliance of it all?

A moment unsullied,
Now almost dreamlike, 
Or a safe little secret we will always keep - 
Of a time when we laid beneath the stars.

Monday, January 13, 2014


This is to let you know that even though this blog has been in a coma for almost a year, it is still breathing. I am still alive, myself. I have been out of touch with the part of me that absolutely loves to pen things down lately. You'll say that's because maybe I am too caught up in my life, that maybe I just don't get enough time to actually sit myself down with a cup of coffee and word my thoughts. Maybe I haven't stumbled upon anything that would inspire me. Well, all of that is true, but do you really want to know what's been keeping me away from writing?


Yeah, that's right. In the last few months I have been the happiest a person can ever afford to be, and that is because of a person of course. How does that have anything to do with me writing, you ask? It's simple. I think that it's really difficult to write a piece when you're happy as compared to when you've something bothering you or when your life isn't all that perfect. That's when you even look for inspiration. But when you're happy, like really, really happy, you're at peace with the part of yourself that you otherwise always seem to have a conflict with. It's not like you cannot write about your current state of bliss, it's just that you choose not to. You'd rather feel the feeling than talk about it, that is all.

So lately, I haven't been analyzing my feelings or my thoughts, which explains why I just went into hibernation. But now with the new year and everything, I am here to write again. I don't know what good it will be but I promise, I'll write something or the other every few weeks. I promise not to isolate this place ever again. I could almost hear crickets chirping in here!

To the few loyal readers who are very fond of this blog, I am back for you.

P.S. Happy New Year!

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