Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Lumbers the soul,
Until the broken hearts swallow us whole. 

It enthralls with ecstasy,
Until we surrender to its efficacy.

An intruder, at times, 
Benevolent, the other.

So abominable, sometimes,
Resplendent, the other.

A moment of solace,
In a realm of daze.

Both the lull and the storm,
Achingly beautiful in every form. 

In happiness or sorrow,
A promise of a mirage-like tomorrow.

The smell of the first rain, 
The touch of fire;
Love is but a ravaging desire.

A contradiction of emotions,
It consumes us all -

The last leaf of the fall,
The first flower to blossom in the spring; 

It's a sanctuary,
In a sea of nothing.

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