Wednesday, May 23, 2012

That Moment.

It was a night so dreamy, so surreal, 
As they looked at each other and smiled,
Both so close, so shy,
A hint of fear had enveloped them, meanwhile.
A thousand miles had seemed like nothing,
For to kiss him, to hold him, to see him smile, she had come,
Happiness at its utmost, in that moment, almost,
It was a love more certain than the rising sun.

The beauty of the moment, so mesmerizing,
Had suddenly let the mysteries unravel,
The growing desires, as their fingers touched,
Had suddenly let all of the fears dishevel.
A kiss so soft, an embrace so warm,
Under the shelter of the velvet night sky,
The love growing stronger with them growing fonder,
With each passing minute, no words would ever deny. 

The world had never seemed so beautiful,
The sky so vast, the stars, the endless sea,
With him beside her, her head on his shoulder,
There wasn't another place she'd rather be.
And all was silent on that night,
Except for the waves crashing, the sound of them breathing. 
As he looked into her eyes and she into his, 
It seemed as if the world had stopped moving,
And a lifetime was lived right then - in the moment, in that sight.


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