Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Beneath the Stars

With our gleamy eyes soaked in happiness, 
With our hands together, as they belong, 
With you by my side, and I by yours, 
On a dainty old rug. 

The wintry breeze kissing our faces, 
The leaves of the nearby tree, rustling in awe, 
Of the magic being created out of nothing, 
As we lie beneath the stars. 

Our gazes fixed on the vast dotted sky,
We almost breathe as one,
A moment so tranquil, 
We forget all our qualms.

My body shakes with nerves as I look at you, 
I'm drawn to your perfection like a bee to a flower;
The night, now bitterly cold,
But I'm blanketed with your warmth.

trace your lips with my finger, 
Slowly as I close my eyes, 
I see love and all the feelings
That I already feel for you.

Birds flutter by out of nowhere,
Putting an end to the grandeur it was;
To whisper would be a sin,
For what if it flaws the brilliance of it all?

A moment unsullied,
Now almost dreamlike, 
Or a safe little secret we will always keep - 
Of a time when we laid beneath the stars.


  1. Good ideas! I have just read your article on "Beneath the Stars" and found it very impressive. The article is resourceful and attractive for the readers in the highest level. I must say that I look forward to read more on this topic. Bravo!

  2. The rhyming & the choice of words is excellent. I feel there is more to it. The 4th line of every para can be more deep, intense & powerful. :)


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