Monday, October 5, 2009

&& will the world really come to an end? Who cares!

First on the news channels. Then on the internet & now even the topic for a major motion picture.
The Doomsday, 21st December, 2012. When I first heard about it, the news wasn't really that big. & neither
were my desires & dreams. But later, it turned out that this can actually happen. You never know. When you can go on being
all optimistic & give out encouraging words like, 'Impossible is nothing' & 'Life is Unexpected', you can even believe this.

At first, this scared the hell out of me. I was scared because, I want to live my dreams.
I wanna live every moment I've dreamed of living. I wanna live my future. I wanna spend the rest of the life with my family,
friends & with the one I love. I want to marry & have kids. I want my own pet dogs. I want a cute lil house.
I want to go on a world tour. I want to be famous. I wanna grow old with the love of my life.  I want to do so much & so lil time. .

Life is so unpredictable & you don't know when yours will end. Everyday is a waste coz you take life for granted.
&& when you know its all gonna be over soon, you want back all that you had.. only to live it in a better way.
Right now, every morning is just another morning & it's gonna end with a night. But when you know, you don't have much time,
& that life is really short,  you realise that each day, each hour, each minute & each second needs to be lived.
There is so lil time to achieve. to dream. to smile. to cry. to fear. to try. to love. to give. to have fun. to jus live.
So don't think much & just value what has been given to you. Live each day like it's your last. Laugh on the jokes that were told yesterday.
Act being a rockstar even though you don't know how to sing. Smile through your tears. Let go off all your fears coz life is too short to be scared :]
Go bungee jumping. Travel the whole world. Watch horror flicks at midnight & scream your lungs out. Play loud music & dance the hell off- let the neighbours shout!
Never underestimate yourself & try every possible thing out. Fall in love & stay in love. Kiss & slow dance in the rain, without music.
Love your mom & dad coz they gifted you with life, anyway. Don't follow the rules. Do what your heart really wants. Don't follow trends, make your own style statements.
Be confident & the world will follow you blindly. Just be YOURSELF. Care for everybody coz life's too short to hate & to make enemies. Remember, LOVE is life. Just be crazy.
Play with your childhood toys. Make your life wonderful & live it the way you want to. Coz life's really what YOU make it. && in the end, don't regret. Live in such a manner
that in the end, all you have is a feeling of contentment & a big satisfied kinda smile on your face.

I've learnt my lesson. & now I wanna live each moment of my life. I don't really care if it lasts another 80 years or only 3. I wanna be happy & want to live my dreams
as long as I live. :]
I don't really know what's gonna happen in 2012. The world may come to an end or the 21st december might pass like any other day, without any thing being unnatural. All I now know
is, that too, will be an adventure for me. I mean, come on, how many people are lucky to enough to have as big an adventure like this? You only see it in movies.. why not live
something like that && die.. in a unique way? xD Everyone has to die someday, then why not this way? Live another 80 years of your life just in 3.
Just have fun. Keep dreaming & keep living.. until the end of time.  :]


  1. your post is interesting,and i kept thinking what might have brought this about.because when you say "i've learnt my lesson",that makes me curious as to what acted as the catalyst to convince you to live your life each day.

    how ARE you living your life?who are you as of now,and what will you be in the next three?ask yourself,will you truly have lived?will life offer itself to you as you so have imagined,and will you indeed live?

    i know what you're talking about though,about living to the full.i've had near death encounters,and after that every breath i took seemed sweeter.but then,don't we all forget this, the value of seconds?i did,and after i came across your blog,it made me think about the lost thoughts again.

    i want to play my guitar more now,i want to make a really good movie,i wanna make my parents proud..there's so much to do,so little time.

    i dont have a blog,chanced across yours.if you wanna reply or something,you can email me at
    nice writing.fresh.

  2. After going through ur post I really wanna live my life to the fullest. you really are a talented and convincing writer yaar. I could relate my life with yours. had a good time reading it.


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