Saturday, October 31, 2009

Feel it. Mean it.

'' I remember how in love we used to be.
How nothing could stop us. Now I sit back && 
read those old quotes I used to write && tears 
fall down realising you're not the same && 
will never be. "

This is something that every teenage heart says, after being in 'love' with some person
&& later realising that that person wasn't really the oneLove? It's so not easy to find.. 
&& if you are in love, you don't instantly realise. You have a feeling but it takes a lot of time
to figure out what that feeling is all about. I've had experiences && with that I've learned so much.
I now get a deeper understanding of Love

I just want to give a message out.. that don't say 'i love you' or 'you're the best thing that has ever happened to me', until you really mean it. until these words come from the deep inside. I know,
when saying such words, you think you really mean every bit of it. You do, actually. But that's just for that moment && with time.. The effect.. the promise.. the real feeling attached to these words are gone. 
It hurts you know, when you see a person change right in front of your eyes. It hurts a lot. It's better to watch out rather than getting hurt later. So just be sure about your feelings before letting the other person know.. be humane enough. Coz it's the human nature. Change. People will change. Their feelings; thoughts; mentality; interests; desires. Everything will change && you can't help it. Change is the only thing that's unchangable. You can't stop it. Even you'll change you know. But if your feelings are true, they'll remain the same. Be true to yourself. 

&& when finally you know that the most magical thing has happened to you, never let it go. 
Hold on to it until you breathe your last breath && love that person with all that you have && make that person believe that you love them, every minute of the day. Every day of your life. 

Believe in *True love*. It does exist. 
Fall in it .. && don't come to such a situation that people need to tell you,
" He/She is just not that into you anymore. " Let it last. A lifetime. 

Live. Love. Laugh.

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