Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Year So Far ..

I'm bored. My next paper's on 18th & am like all prepared already :D
I don't really have anything else to do. So here I am 
o n l i n e

You know, I really feel lonely these days.
Life is not like it once used to be. I always thought I was luckyy, so lucky that nothing bad could ever happen to me. I loved myself. & I thought everybody I know could see the real me.. I thought I could trust all my friends. blindly. But I guess I was wrong .. With the new year, I came to know how many people actually hate me. I came to know that the world today, is weird.. you can't really trust anyone. Ofcourse, except for a few people who are not human beings but angels on earth (: If you're reading this, you'll know I am talking about you. 
When I feel all down, I don't need to put my hand on my heart & say, " Aal izz well ", all I need to do is to close my eyes & feel you next to me, saying, " I'm always gonna be there for you ". Boy, doesn't that make me smile. 
There comes a phase in everybody's lives, when you realise who your true friends are. When you finally figure out who to live for. & when you know in your heart, the people who actually matter will NEVER let you down & they are ones you can trust without second thoughts. I guess I went through this phase a few days back. The person who I thought meant so much, turned out be a nightmare. Figured out I wasn't a priority in his life, just an option. I'm glad I came to know the real him. 
The incident that took place on the 1st of January, shook me. I lost my self confidence & felt like running away from all of it. I wanted to become invisible. But the people I matter to, brought me back to life. They brought a smile to my face again.. & I can never really thank them enough.
This New year, is a new beginning .. a brand new start to a whole new life, that I'm going to live for my mom, dad, a few close friends, simba & myself. I don't care what others think of me. I don't care about what they've to say, coz in the end, they mean nothing to me. The people I need in my life are with me & are always gonna be there, I know. What else do I need?
I am gonna stay happy for them. I am gonna make them proud :)

I love you guys, so much

On the other hand, this new year brought a lot of happiness too.
With the sense of wisdom that I got, I made a few new friends as well.
Also I get this gut feeling, that this year holds something very special for me..
With this start, I have realised how much I really love my parents. I can't really go a single day without them. The friends I took for granted proved to be my true well wishers. 
There's so much of realization already. Even school's good. For a change.

What else? New year didn't start off so well.. but now things are good.
I'm smiling & I'm contented.

All is well.


  1. Hey.

    Everything always works out for the best.
    It's nice you realized who and what your living for. Good for you.

  2. veri valuable lesson...nvr-evr forget tht

  3. we need to talk..ok,pay attn at studies and find some day when we can talk

  4. why do you have so many hearts in your blog ?

  5. Just because I'm a loving person, unlike you. :P


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