Sunday, January 3, 2010

A New Beginning?

First of all .. A very happy new year to everyone who's readin' this. I hope all of you had a great start.. :)
I had an awesome time in the last week of 2009. Felt like the new year's surely gonna be better than what I've lived this year. Everything seemed perfect until the 1st of Jan. I almost lost a best friend .. & another bestie lost faith in me. Plus, I got high fever & my bp went low. What more did I need? Such a great start. Anyway, things are now in control & I hope All gets well. 

Ooh, btw watched 3 idiots. Man, wasn't that one amazing movie? Loved it. Aal izz well xD That's what I tell my heart whenever upset :) But but, I'm really upset over the-chetan-bhagat-should-have-been-given-some-credit thing. I have read the book & have seen the movie. & I found most of the movie similar except for that 'two idiots in search of the third' & 'the bet' part .. I guess he should have been included in the storywriter list. But then, who's gonna follow my advice anyway!

There's so much that has happened since I last posted & there's so much I want to share but not enough time.
I've got my exams from the 6th of Jan :(
I'll be regular after the 18th. So keep reading & following! 

P.s. Wish me luck xP


  1. Oh yes.. good luck.

  2. nice post.
    have a nice year ahead :)
    thanks for following my blog!
    be active!

  3. thats how we define life...well all the best for this year..

  4. LOL, I agree with the Chetan Bhagat part.


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