Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Its just another day & I'm standing here,
next to you, catching glimpses of you..
you talk all the way & things get clear,
walking along, I'm feeling something true..

Oh boy, I think I'm in love with you.
Uh oh.
And in a moment my world has changed,
a whole new me, a whole new you,
I feel I can fly. .
Oh wait, I already flew.
But you don't yet know
the things going inside of me..
And I search yr eyes for that sparkle,
and after a while, I seeee..
The way you look at me & the way you say my name,
I fall for you over & over again.
My heart is racing, it wants you to know..
That yr the one for me & I love you so.
That my day begins with you & I sleep in yr thoughts,
That I'm in love with you & I love you a lot.
That if you ever walk away, I'm gonna cry. 
That I live for you & for you I'd die.
So I finally cross my fingers & I smile but a fear lingers..
I confess.. but it only turns out to be a mess. 
Coz you are not in love with me,
and what I thought was only my fantasy.
Though you say I'm the most important person
& that I mean a lot to you,
it won't make up for this heart that has been torn..
It will always belong to you.
You say, " Can't we be Bff's? "
I die a lil inside & say that we are..
so close & yet so far.
Always together, best friends forever,
& that's all we're ever gonna be.
You don't even notice how broken I am
or care to fall back for me.
Instead you ask me to make this feeling go away,
don't you know its here to stay?
And yet a part of me doesn't give up, 
it says you feel something too..
& someday, out of nowhere
you'll hold my waist & pull me close
& say that you love me & that you always have.
There still lies a hope.
And here's another day & I'm standing here.. 
waiting for you,
with some hope & with some fear. .


  1. This is true, nothing luke anything I have read, because I know, how it makes you feel, atleast I guess I know..
    I love you.

  2. brilliant!!

    Words like these seem best as fiction..
    but they could always turn out to be true.
    the way u think n the way u feel..
    would really make him fall in love with you!

  3. Thanks, Love you too, Ni. :)

    Thanks Niraj. :)

    ZULU, Awwwww. >:D<
    Thank youu. <3


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