Thursday, August 26, 2010

-Who I've got a crush on. ♥

Tonight is here, the final moment,
its now I've gotta admit what you've always meant.
Every night you've been asking
who I've got a crush on, who's been taking my breath away,
 and everytime I'm left speechless though I've so much to say.
Now my life's going to change,
the moment I admit how I've been feeling so strange..
&& that it's you who's been doing this is to me,
now I'm gonna know if we're really meant to be.
Cuz tonight I've to let this little secret unveil 
&& tell you how you've been making me feel -
ever since the day I first saw you,
I've kinda known that we've got something to brew.
&& now you ask me who I've got a crush on, 
it's like a now or never situation,
I gotta tell you who I've got a crush on,
trust me, it's no infatuation.
But how do I let the words out, oh, I feel so nervous, 
I'm stuttering & trembling, it is kinda obvious.
Cuz you are asking me who I've got a crush on, 
who I've been falling for all this time,
and you're dying to know the name that lives in this heart of mine.
I've no idea what's coming next
but I'm finally letting my heart speak out,
Its YOU I've got a crush on,
&& its you my life is all about !


  1. This one has left me confused. :S
    Its amazingly written, but I am too confused to say anything about it..
    Is it what I think it is?

  2. the boy you mention here has got to be very lucky!
    as for you, at such a young age to write with such feelings, superb.
    go on & keep it up!
    I hope you become a top poet/author someday, would love to read your anthology. :)

  3. Nisarg, thank you so much.
    It might be what you think it is.

    aww.. yr comment is very motivating.
    thank you so much. :)
    Keep reading !
    [ I wish I knew yr name ]

  4. how would knowing my name make any difference?
    i've been anonymous for all my life, lets keep it that way for now :)

    you can contact me at:

    keep writing!

  5. the title's the question on everybody's mind(before &) after reading he post! :P
    honestly.. superb re.. badhiya..jhakaas!!
    mere paas aur shabd nahi hai bayaan karne ke liye!! :P :D

  6. well written. :) very well written.

  7. Anonymous: Alright, if that's what you want. :)

    Zulu: Hahaa, true. :P
    and thank you too much tareef ke liye. :P :D

    Ayush: Thankyou. :)


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