Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Just when I need you the most.

Sitting by the waters, in the twilight
Lost in the waves that come and go by,
The grey clouds take over the darkening moonlit sky;
My heart gives out a cry and I don't know why.
I close my eyes to ask it why, your face flashes in my mind,
I have nobody next to me, nobody behind..
The soft breeze plays with my hair;
I look around but you aren't there.
I only wish, I only crave, 
For one touch of you, for one warm embrace..
You love me, you need me but why aren't you here?
To take away this emptiness, to make this pain disappear..
The waves call out to me as I silently weep,
They sing me a lullaby and it rings me too deep,
The wind lifts me up, it tries to set me free;
But as I listen to the music of the nature,
My heart sings its own melancholy.
The lightening strikes and as I open my eyes,
The raindrops hit my face and I realize,
You aren't here, just when I need you the most..
As the night crawls and as my tears fall,
I wonder why you aren't around..
Just when I need you the most.


  1. Love can be sad and also lovely. You need to keep the faith..things will work out. Follow your heart and be brave enough to take the next step.My heart`s secret wish is to see your wish come true

  2. Touching. :(
    And yeah, very very well written :)



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