Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Living in the memories of you.

Where are you now, its been a while since I heard from you,
Do you even remember me anymore?
Because before I left, you promised you wouldn't forget,
All  that we went through, everything that we knew,
You promised you'd remember, the memories of December..
Those days, those nights, those laughter & those fights,
You told it'd be hard, when we'll be miles apart,
And now that we are, like the enemies of a war,
It hurts when I think of us, also when I miss you so much,
Thinking of you I cry, everyday I die,
Every moment I wait, I stay up 'til late,
Only to hear from you, only to hear your voice,
I listen to our songs all the time, they work as your disguise.
Every morning's a disappointment, still not a word from you,
I distract myself and I somehow get through..
But its funny to see, how you are so happy without me,
And I wonder if at all you feel the way I do..
Because I'm waiting for you, I need you here right now,
I'm sick of living in the memories of you.


  1. shrutee you will always be special to some one hope you stay happy and get watever you need your mate

  2. You have the most amazing talent to write the most perfect wordings to make the most perfect poem!!!

  3. Bewitched and beguiled! :) This is Destiny's Child. If you can take some time off your memory-munching, do visit my profile and leave your memorable footprint there, thanks! :)


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