Sunday, November 1, 2009


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A feeling everybody craves for. I never knew what it was all about
until I came across you. I confess, I didn't fall for you at first && my 
feelings weren't that true in the beginning, but later, with time, with every
talk that we had && every word that you said.. Every breath that you took with
me && the way you looked into my eyes. The way you said my name.. I just knew it was 
safe in your mouth. Everything about you told me that you love me. And with every
moment that I lived with you, I came to know, how much in love I am. With *You*.
Everytime I was angry with you for silly reasons, I now notice that it had love behind it.
When you talked to other girls, I never knew why I felt so uneasy && so disturbed. But now I 
notice the hint of jealousy behind it. My best friend you were.. && I'd never thought I would 
fall in love with you. But it has happened. ANDIAMINLOVE. I can feel the most magical 
feeling in the world. I never knew love could happen this way. But now, I know.
I know, I have you. The best person I could ever have. I feel the kind of happiness I never used to feel.
I feel so good within, having you as my best friend && being in love with you at the very same time.
YOU. The reason for everything good happening to me. My life you are. && all these words I say,
from deeeeeeeeeeeeeep inside. I love you so much. I never thought I could ever love someone so much.
But now I know. Now I know that you are the one. My one && only. I want this to last.
I want to grow old with YOU. I want all my future memories with you. I want to be loved by you. 
Coz now.. I know.. that my whole life, is all about YOU. 

You are my best  boy friend


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