Friday, November 27, 2009

Followin` me everywhere that I go, My shadow ♥

In here.. I share with you all the precious most things in my life.
It's weird how I didn't mention the love of my life here.. The one I need to see every morning when I wake up.
The one who I need to hug all the time. The one who's eyes make me forget all my worries.
The one who's my drug. The best thing that ever came into my life. My world.
My everything. My jaan. My dog .. S i m b a   

I still remember the day when this cute fella first came into my life.
19th July, `08, Saturday.
9.05 a.m.
That was.. is & will always be one of the most memorable moments of my life.
I was asleep dreaming about some bla bla when I heard mom's excited voice.. "Shrutiiii ! Look what we've got here !!! WAKE UP !"
Yawning, I suddenly realised what it could be.
I rushed to the living room & catching my breath, the first thing I noticed was a dark brownish-black puff ball in my mom's arms. TheCutestThingEver  
I slowly took him into my arms.. & well, do I need mention? I was the happiest person alive then. It's just that I've always been crazy about dogs. And I always wanted to own one.
But as we live in an apartment, my dad wanted to avoid getting one. 
But my parents are like the best parents ever.. and they got me my first dog ! :D 
That day, all our neighbours kept dropping in, giving me all kinda advices on how to train him.. how to make him eat.. when to give him treats & all. But I didn't listen.
All I could see was him. All I could listen to was his cute lil puppy growls. Aawwh.
I loved seeing him run. Being a puff ball, he never mananged to cover the desired distance & ended up tripping over & over again.
a d o r a b l e.
After that day, I never felt alone. Coz I had him as a company. The best company ever!
I used to carry him everywhere that I went .. even to shopping centres & he surely left people in awe. I first named him Shadow .. but I dunno why mom didn't like that name much. Superficial reasons. And then I named him Fluffy. Yes. xD

So what happened next is that the vet arrived.
He gave him some vaccinations & medicines. I don't know what went wrong
but Simba seemed to be behaving weird then. He used to cough & shiver. 
That really scared me. I told mom & dad about it & they called the vet.
The next day, Simba didn't seem to move at all. His breathing was shallower & he seemed weak. We rushed him to the vet's clinic right away. After examining him for a while, the vet told us that he was suffering from Respiratory Pneumonia. :(
Yes. Crying was all I could do then. Just the sight of this lil` pup being so dangerously ill broke my heart. I wanted happy times with my first dog. Didn't wanna lose him THIS quick. :(
We tried everything we could to bring him back to his health. We took him to different vets.
I missed school so that I could just stay with Sim. I did all that was needed to make him better. Me, mom & dad went through sleepless nights. All these days, we had nothing else to think bout but him. And finally, after a few weeks, which seemed like years.. Simba started recovering. :) And in a few days, he was back to his form. And man.. weren't we glad!
That's when we noticed how profoundly he had actually grown!
Considering the fact that he had struggled through the worst phase of his life with so much bravery, we named him Simba ( the lion king? )

After this.. everything has been well & good. :)
I'm in love with him so deeply & truly. He keeps me so happy.
The most understanding & faithful dog ever he is !
My best friend. My first dog. 
I can never forget him.. or any of his cute activities.
He just means so much. 
He is a year & a half now. We even celebrated his b'day!
Afterall, he's a part of the family now :)
Ooh & i love the way he comes to wake me up, every morning.<33
Actually, I love everything he is & everything he does.
There are so many more incidents that I need mention but more later !

The golden sunshine in my life. Love you. <33

.. Continued.


  1. i'll cmmnt everywhere ...... bwuahaha xD !
    no, i mean ... when i read all ur new posts...
    sumthin 4m inside force me to cmmnt .. :p
    n yaa ..... itS rewlli v sweet . dat u so mch LUVE ur dOg.... simBA :P
    "ur jaan " ... haan ?
    anyways ... nt nly yu r happy coz u have simba ...but SImba shld be more happy coz YOU ARE WITH HIM !!!!

  2. The one who's my drug. U are crazy dear.. Anyways have fun.



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