Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Phone Call.

On a winter night, we're on the phone ..
&& i drift away into a swirl of dreams & memories.
knowing that your presence is so close .
I rest in knowing I can feel you,
even through the phone .
Something tells me that everything happening
is all meant to happen;
we have no control over it, && it'll happen often.
Coz a feeling has enveloped us; && we're sealed in it forever .
Coz deep inside I know, this won't ever be over .
Coz it's all meant to be && the world wants you to see,
how much you really mean to me .
&& I know I mean so much to you too ,
In your eyes I can see that it's all so true .
While you tell me your stories , 
I try to figure out if you're really happy talking to me 
&& with the chirp in your voice & with the rhythm of your breath,
I know you really are .
And that moment is not so far - 
when we'll melt in each other's arms .
Coz I know I love you more than you'll ever know .
&& I know you love me too, you don't just show .
I smile a smile && you ask me why am I smiling ,
I change the topic saying ' nothing. ' But that actually means everything .
I just want you to understand what's going on inside me 
&& just then you say you know . 
I say ' what ? ' && you say ' nothing ' .
&& I smile again. & This time you smile back.
And deep inside we both know but don't know why we don't show.
I guess this is how it goes .
Both madly in love, both know. 
Wearing a mask called 'best friends', we are so much in love & will always be.
One thing that will last forever is *US
&& we continue with our silly long talks & stupid lil fights;
talk & talk with switched off lights.
Known to the feelings & still unknown.


  1. everything you write is so touching <3.
    Ily Shu.

  2. haan
    I like your sensitivity

  3. now I knw the same happns wid every1 in love..
    jus loved it..<3


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