Saturday, November 21, 2009

The pages in my diary..

It seems as if my whole world revolves around you.
Anything that I now seem to be indulged in, anything - no matter what,
includes you.
Like today, I doodled around in my diary.. 
& here are a few pictures I'd like you to see. 

And I stand here alone, waiting for you.
Miss You So Much..

Watching the far away mountains.. 
I wonder how far you really are. 

Someday.. the wait will be over,
&& we'll finally meet.

And we'll be together forever..
S o m e d a y
S o m e h o w

Hope you like it. 

Copyright: Shruti Choudhary.


  1. bestest thng ever seen ........
    BTW .... whoz d lucky one haan ?
    bata do aaj to ..... <3

  2. Its beautiful. You've conveyed yr feelings beautifully!


  3. This is way too good. Blessed is the man who you made this for. =)


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