Thursday, November 12, 2009

Yet another discovery.

Everyday, it seems as if I learn new things. Bout my friends. Bout my family. Bout the world. Bout myself.
Like today, I came to know what makes me really happy is to see others happy. Like today morning,
I was having a text chat with some of my friends.. & I somehow managed to make them smile. It felt so good to know the fact that for once, they were smiling coz of me. (: I feel so happy inside. 
Coz the people I'm close to, are my life. Like I say, they are my reasons to smile.. && I can only smile when they are happy. & I can do anything to bring happiness to their lives. 

Yay. I'm so good.. :D 
I love myself even more now. :P

Anyway about Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahaani..
The movie looked fresh. I loved the pairing but the story wasn't all that so great.
Not like what I expected it to be. But but, I <3 Ranbir even more now!
Really waiting for Tum Mile now.. The promo looks good!

Oh & btw, I'm down with fever && cough ):
So i'm gonna go get some rest. 

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